I got another amazing photograph from an unknown source..but it is mesmerizing 🙂

16 thoughts on “Kingfisher..while preying fish

  1. Splendid photo! In the Netherlands, kingfishers are called ijsvogel, ice bird, though they don’t really like ice, because that makes it harder to reach their food.

    1. ahan.. and in my country it is commonly known as blue birds nad they are quit numerous in my area too and i love watching them 😉
      great info by you 🙂

      1. In Pakistan, besides the Eurasian kingfisher, I think there are still more kingfisher species. They are really a tropical and subtropical group. Only one species, this one, lives in relatively cold Europe.

      2. yeah you right in pakistan we have tropical species but in our northern areas like skardu which are too cold..these are found there too

    1. o thanks..
      yup colibri bird is some what similar in its color pattern but it is a ver small size bird as compare to kingfisher..thanks for appreciating 🙂

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