Domestic cats kill many more wild birds in the United States than scientists thought, according to a new analysis. Cats may rank as the biggest immediate danger that living around people brings to wildlife.


attacking cat

Cat Chasing Bug



attacking cat

11 thoughts on “Innocent cats are killers of billion of birds..

  1. Even if I wasn’t crawling with allergies anyway, this is exactly why I leave cat ownership up to other people – I like my feathered friends far too much!

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong; I love cats myself and have kept them in the past; my last cat was a rather beautiful Tortoiseshell called Maya, who had a nasty habit of bring home toads (she was too stupid to catch birds, thankfully, but I didn’t like her killing toads and hiding them in the house either).

        We have a lot of cats in our neighbourhood, but only one tends to come into our garden. He’s an apricot Persian, not very clever and sticks out like a sore thumb, so we don’t pay him any mind (plus, he’s incredibly sweet and the whole road adores him). The others know that they’ll be chased out – with the water-hose if needs be!

        My sister has two adorable cats (one black, one golden tabby) but she keeps them both indoors because the black one came home with a broken leg one morning. I think that Max (the tabby) would take one look at “outside” and scoot underneath the sofa anyway! πŸ˜€

      2. hahah oh damn…poor cat that is…really love to know about your history of relations with cat…
        i had a cat too…very precious and unique…with white fur and one eye yellow and other is blue…and she died after completing his natural life in an old age…
        thanks a lot friend for sharing your opinion πŸ™‚

      3. Cats can live to an incredible age, can’t they? My neighbour’s cat is 19 and the owners of the guest house my husband and I stay at when visiting my son only recently lost one of their three cats – she was 24!

        I’m more of a dog person (I’m insanely jealous of my husband right now because he got licked to death by a pair of Malamutes yesterday and I wasn’t with him to share the experience!) but I generally love all animals (apart from wasps!) and when I was a teenager there were always at least two cats in the house – we had four once, and when I got my own place two of them became mine.

      4. yeah you right…my cat got an age of 21…when i was too young..she brought my home and became a part of our family…she then gave birth a male cat…who was similar to his mother…but he died at age of 3 when he ate something poisoness :'(…
        after death of our cat..we kept a parrot who used to copy our words…n i love him very much…he wistles too πŸ˜‰

  2. I think it’s quite enriching to realise that cats are still predators and still have their predatory instincts (while of course holding on to their cuteness), it helps us keep in touch with their ancestry, as well as ours to a certain extent.
    It’s a shame that cats are causing problems though; I remember hearing about the Stephens Island Wren that was driven to extinction not long after its discovery after domestic cats were brought to the island by settlers.

    1. cats are now invasive to the world’s several regions..there must be some kind of program to inhibit them without harming them too…as i love cats too…but also the birds..thanks πŸ™‚

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