suicidal behaviour

By identifying the bio-markers that show a heightened risk of suicide, doctors would be able to treat the condition, potentially saving the individual’s life. When the blood test is combined with clinical analysis of mental state, researchers were able to identify people with suicidal tendencies over 80% of the time.

It is important to note that this technique is still in the early stages and more extensive testing will be required before it can be used clinically.


3 thoughts on “Suicide prevention from a blood test

  1. I do not believe that a blood test will prevent suicides, you are relying too much on medical doctors and psychiatrists. The medical professional is not trained to deal with mental health patients, psychiatrists are really hopeless at the extreme end of mental health, and dealing with depression and depressive psychosis.

    Very often the medical professional has no idea of the state of the patient, with ER assessment times sometimes taking 24 hours from admittance to seeing a medical professional, you often reach a state of “calmness” and when the ER idiot visits, you are deemed stable and normal, and not in need of assistance. Any way, how would a blood test work?

    1. really appreciate your views dear friend…i have just mention a research that with the help of blood test we can find the risk of suicide in any patient….you saying right that doctors are unable to prevent this…for me there are several factors that can play a part in doing so; psychologists, medicines, parents, relatives, friends and the most important is Faith…well this is just my own view….you can visit to the given link below to read the full artical about the blood test 🙂 have a good day

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