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The Bio Infos


Zinc..a starving agent for Streptococcus pneumoniae


New research sheds light on exactly how zinc can ‘starve’ Streptococcus pneumoniae by preventing its uptake of manganese.

Manganese is essential for S. pneumoniae to be able to invade and cause disease in humans. The researchers identified that the bacterial transporter that normally binds to manganese (PsaBCA) can also bind to zinc. However, the smaller size of zinc means that when it binds to the transporter, the mechanism closes too tightly. This causes the ‘spring-hammer’ mechanisms of PsaCA to unwind too far and jam shut, and it becomes unable to take up manganese.



Suicide prevention from a blood test

suicidal behaviour

By identifying the bio-markers that show a heightened risk of suicide, doctors would be able to treat the condition, potentially saving the individual’s life. When the blood test is combined with clinical analysis of mental state, researchers were able to identify people with suicidal tendencies over 80% of the time.

It is important to note that this technique is still in the early stages and more extensive testing will be required before it can be used clinically.

Reference: www.nature.com/news/predictors-of-suicidal-behaviour-found-in-blood-1.13570

New discovered fish species named after Obama, Clinton..

Five new species of colourful, freshwater fish have been discovered and named, patriotically, after Obama, Clinton, Roosevelt, Carter and Gore. Having a fish named after you might be almost as good as getting a second term. The species are darters, the smallest members of the perch family, and were found in river drainages in eastern North America. This beautiful specimen is Etheostoma obama.

Etheostoma obama



Hungry rats severly eaten newborn

Hungry rats gorge on newborns in Holy Family Hospital Pakistan. Panic spread in the labor room of the hospital with the discovery of two newborns – one dead, one alive – severely bitten by hungry rats. Nurse was shocked to see a big rat nibbling on the baby’s face, as the poor infant cried in pain. Other rats were gorging on the dead baby. Upon seeing the horrible scene, the nurse cried, prompting other staff members to rush in. The injured baby was given immediate medical aid, and the dead baby was handed over to its heirs.

Rat eaten a newborn in Pakistan