Here are some slide shows made by some of intelligent students. Through this post i simply want to appreciate my friends who do great job by their hard work and very least appreciated by teachers :D . You can have an easy access to it by clicking the following

  1. Uses And Toxicity Of Monosodium Glutamate

  2. Physiological and Toxic effects of Serotonin

  3. Effect of Nanoparticles in beauty products

  4. Anthrax

  5. Acromegaly

  6. Reproductive Toxicity of Estradiol

  7. Thrombocytopenia

  8. Acrylamide and its toxicity

  9. Biochemistry of Coffee

  10. Dengue and public heallth pesticides

  11. Diabetes incipidus

  12. Dengue vector and its management

  13. Effects of nanoparticles in beauty products

  14. Endocrine disorder images

  15. Reproductive toxicity of estradiol

  16. salmonella

  17. t-Test, ANOVA, regression

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