Egg camouflaging


Quails are so confident about their camouflaging techniques that they lay their eggs on the ground, where they are more vulnerable to predators. After photographing 179 eggs, researchers found that quails known best and lay their lightly spotted eggs on light background and the heavily spotted on dark ones to deceive predators.


Hungry rats severly eaten newborn

Hungry rats gorge on newborns in Holy Family Hospital Pakistan. Panic spread in the labor room of the hospital with the discovery of two newborns – one dead, one alive – severely bitten by hungry rats. Nurse was shocked to see a big rat nibbling on the baby’s face, as the poor infant cried in pain. Other rats were gorging on the dead baby. Upon seeing the horrible scene, the nurse cried, prompting other staff members to rush in. The injured baby was given immediate medical aid, and the dead baby was handed over to its heirs.

Rat eaten a newborn in Pakistan