Use of E.coli (bacteria) for killing pathogens



E. coli is best known for making people sick, but scientists have reprogrammed it to sense and kill off slimy groups of bacteria known as biofilms, which are responsible for hard-to-treat infections that occur in the lungs, bladder and on implanted medical devices.


A treatment for prostate cancer


A type of microRNA has been discovered that slows down the growth of prostate cancer cells, and could be used to improve treatments against the disease. Scientists noticed that many prostate cancer cells contained less of the microRNA molecule, and went on to reveal its absence allowed them to grow rapidly.


leukaemia treatment with HIV

Doctors have used an experimental treatment involving the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) to combat a six year old’s leukaemia.
The treatment involved using a disabled form of the virus to reprogram the child’s immune system to attack the cancer cells.
Seven months later, the little girl is in complete remission.


Emma Whitehead, with her mother, Kari. Last spring, Emma was near death from acute lymphoblastic leukemia but is now in remission after an experimental treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.


Bellbird..male or female?

A young bellbird (Anthornis melanura) that exhibits both male and female characteristics has been found in an eco-sanctuary in New Zealand. Although DNA testing from 2011 showed the bird as a female, its behaviour as well as physical charac

teristics (on one side it has the dark plumage of a male and on the other the yellowish feather pattern of a female) make it the first transgender bellbird. Researchers believe that this can be due to a hormonal imbalance.